Snapback Inspirations and Cleaning

Snapback Inspirations and Cleaning

Top Selling Snapbacks

We thought we’d highlight a few of our most popular snapbacks! Out of 44+ styles, we will be talking about four: The Bonzai, Irons, Murica, and Bintangs.


            Little known fact--Matt lived in Scotland for a couple years. While there he learned to love and appreciate herringbone and tweed fabrics. These have been a major part of their textile industry since the 18th century...if not earlier. It brings structure and variety to a simple piece. The Bonzai was created to honor those Scottish fabrics with a little bit of a twist on a Surf/Snow/Skate style.

Pro tip: if you’re ever willing to battle the freezing cold waters of the North Sea, Thurso (northernmost town in Scotland) is actually a fantastic surfing spot.

Wool Blend. Snapback made up of grey herringbone tweed fabric and a pineapple-stamped leather triangle patch.


            Irons is the classic hat that every dude needs in their closet. It’s fully black which means it’s easy to take care of, easy to style, and easy to love. It stays the cleanest the longest, compared to lighter colored hats, which means it’s the most reasonable color to dress a toddler in. Irons signifies strong, sharp materials and bold appearances. It will elevate and compliment any outfit and is a wardrobe staple.

100% Cotton. Snapback with a black brim, black paneling, and a black BinkyBro patch.


            Murica was inspired by the 4th of July holiday. Instead of using the loud typical red, white, and blue colors, BinkyBro wanted to approach the celebration of the United States in a new way. We settled on a muted version of the American Flag, opting for a black and white color scheme. The hat was immediately a customer favorite and still remains one of the most purchased hats today.

 60/40 Cotton-Poly. Snapback with a black brim, black front panels, black back mesh paneling, and a black & white American Flag patch.


            The name, Bintangs, actually comes from a very popular beer in Indonesia. It’s known as the “surfing beer” as it’s the go-to after-surf beverage. The Bintangs are also a Dutch rhythm and blues band. They are a simplistic node to the beautification of the 70's and a modern classic meets retro all in one. The hat’s golden brown corduroy perfectly emulates its inspiration and translates into a timeless hat.

100% Cotton. Snapback made of light brown corduroy and an embossed “BinkyBro Surf Co” logo on the front.


Do not put your hat in the washing machine. If you need to clean your hat(s) we recommend spot cleaning them with a mild detergent, warm water, and a toothbrush.

- The BinkyBro Family

October 19, 2021 — Brooklyn Brown
In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

Welcome to BinkyBro! 

Hello Friends! We are so grateful for each of you and the support you have given. BinkyBro is not just an apparel brand, but a lifestyle. We want to grow closer to our community of legends through this blog page by sharing new products, lifestyle advice, ideas, and what’s going on behind the scenes.

How BinkyBro Was Born

In 2015, BinkyBro got its start when founders Rachel and Matt had their first-born son, Jordy-James. 

Upon Jordy's arrival, Rachel & Matt, were immediately on the search for infant hats. When they struggled to find any cool ones the idea for BinkyBro presented itself. It was the perfect solution that would change their lives--to make their own. And just like that, BinkyBro was born.

The name and logo for BinkyBro was an easy decision.


Matt and Rachel tried to have kids for several years before IVF eventually worked. Not only was Jordy born through IVF, but so were their next three kids; Bodee-Parks, Blakely-Rose, and Jude-Rylan. A pineapple image stands as a powerful symbol for woman who struggle with infertility. Pineapples are tough on the outside, sweet on the inside, and stand tall with a glorifying crown on top. When you combined this symbolism with Rachel's infertility struggles and the surfing/skating lifestyle, that both her and Matt enjoyed, the pineapple just made sense as a logo.  


Regarding the name, “BinkyBro," Jordy is ultimately responsible for that. He simply couldn't go anywhere without one. Jordy was quickly labeled as the “BinkyBro" within the Fisler home. So making that name even more official was an easy decision.

As a family-owned and operated business, Rachel and Matt are committed to staying true to making products that reflect BinkyBro's core belief that “legends are born everyday."

For Rachel and Matt, committing to BinkyBro hasn’t been easy, but so worth it. In the early years they were working normal jobs and getting very few hours of sleep.  With four kids under four years old, dogs, normal jobs, moves, and building a business from the ground up required passion for the work, the products, and the process. Learning how to balance those challenges has been an integral process in the growth and success so far.

Learning became a common routine in the Fisler household as they were understanding new things about business everyday. Designing clothing, the ins and outs of supply chain management, building websites, hiring employees, marketing, payroll, and so many more aspects of business were learned and have been appreciated over time.

Now, it has been six years! What started with only eight hat designs, operating out of Rachel and Matt’s home, sleepless nights, and a vision has grown to over 50+ styles of hats, sunglasses, swimmies, sandals, socks, sweaters, thermals, backpacks, beanies, etc. BinkyBro now has a full warehouse, many supportive customers, over 15 employees, and lifelong friends.  

At BinkyBro we live by our motto “SURF. SNOW. SKATE.” and we want to extend that BinkyBro culture to everyone. Follow BinkyBro on Instagram and Facebook to hear about exclusive deals and discounts, and remember to tag us to show off your BinkyBro swag!

- The BinkyBro Family

September 23, 2021 — Brooklyn Brown