How does this work?

After creating an affiliate account with BinkyBro (done below) you will be sent a customized link. This link can be posted on your personal social media accounts, your own website, sent through an SMS, or even copied and pasted through your own email. When a NEW customer that might be a friend, family member, or anyone else in your network clicks on your link and makes a purchase you are given 15% of that total sale. At the end of every month BinkyBro will pay all remaining balances to our affiliates. These payments will come through our PayPal account to yours. 

What do I need?

You will need to have a PayPal account, provide a full name, have a valid personal email address, and then sign up below.

How does taxes work?
Once an individual makes over $600 in any given calendar year we are required, by federal law, to send you a 1099 form to claim your wages for tax purposes. That will require us to have your full name, mailing address, and social security number (SSN) given on a Form W 9 once that $600 limit is passed. We will send a formal request, via email, to those who this pertains to in order to collect this information. If this information is not provided the "contractor" may be subject to federal penalty.
What are the rules and restrictions?
The BinkyBro Affiliate program is designed to allow for friends of BinkyBro to grow along with us! We want our fans to have a personal link that can be shared on their own personal social media accounts, personal websites, or emails to promote our brand and make some money in the process. 
Any use outside of this will be subject to removal without pay. The use of purchasing Google Ads (or any other paid advertising) posted with your personal link is strictly forbidden. Any individual disguising any websites, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, participation in discount or promo websites, or anything similar with the intensive purpose to resemble or any other proprietary BinkyBro branding is strictly forbidden. If these terms are breached the account will be shut down without notice and without pay. In such cases that individual(s) may be subject to legal action. 
You will not receive a percentage of your own purchases. You will be given credit for your referral's first purchase only. Any returning customers are no longer eligible to contribute towards yours or anyone else's commission total.
Individual monthly commissions are currently capped at $500/month. If you believe you have a situation in which this figure will be surpassed you can email to discuss additional options. 
Enter Email:


The Sign Up Process:

After you have entered your email address above please hit enter. This will take you to your affiliate dashboard page. (Please be sure to go to the top-right corner of this newly opened page to set your password.) On this page you will find your personalized affiliate link. This link is for you and you only. This is the link you can use to share with your network. New BinkyBro clients must purchase through your link in order for you to receive any credit. 

You will not receive a confirmation email upon sign-up. 

You can check your progress at any time by visiting and entering your username and password. On the bottom of your login page you will be able to review how many of your contacts have visited our site, how many have signed up as affiliates themselves, and most importantly--how many have purchased. You will then see an outline of all of the upcoming payments and previously paid amounts. 

You will need to create a PayPal account using the same email address you are using for this affiliate account. At the end of the month we will download a list of all affiliate members, payments due, and PayPal will send you your outstanding balance. We will do this before the 5th of each month. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Christina at