Coming up with a toddler Halloween costume idea for your own little BinkyBro or BinkyBabe can be cute and easy with a few of our favorite products. Instead of spending for a costume they’ll wear just once, use it as an excuse to buy some cool-weather basics they’ll wear over and over again.

Here’s a few ideas of how to inexpensively transform BinkyBro basics into simple, adorable, and functional todderl Halloween costumes both you and your little one will be thrilled to show off on Halloween night.


Like their favorite nursery rhyme, they can be your little piggy with our Brighton Block beanie in pink and tan color blocking. Our Canyons crewneck sweatshirt in pinky Mauve will keep them cozy all night. Use face paint or lipstick to draw on a pink, round pig nose. Safety pin a curly pink pipe cleaner onto the lower back of the sweatshirt for a tail. For a little girl, style their hair in pigtails that will look oh so cute under the beanie.


Our black thermal top and black beanie can be made into a bat costume by safety pinning some felt or construction paper triangles on the hat. For wings, there are tons of inexpensive elastic options available on Amazon. You can use an eye pencil to draw on vampire teeth below their mouth. Pair with simple black leggings on bottom—you probably already have a pair in their closet, but if not, check out Target’s selection.


Similar to a bat, pin or tape two black triangles onto our black beanie. Instead of wings over a black thermal top, buy a costume cat tail online. Use an eye pencil to make cat eyes and whiskers. Pair with black leggings and they’re ready to go haunt the neighborhood!


Using the same basics—a black thermal top and black beanie—you can make a simple and spooky spider costume. Stick two big googly eyes onto the black beanie and add a few smaller ones below them. Buy a big costume spider like this one with elastic to wear like a backpack, or a decorative one and pin on two pieces of elastic yourself.


Our Brighton Block beanie in orange and yellow is a perfect topping for a fresh take on a classic costume. Pair it with the Canyons crewneck sweatshirt in burnt orange. Cut out simple Jack-o’-lantern shapes like triangles for eyes, a square for a nose, and a toothy smile and safety pin them onto the sweatshirt. Voila! You’ve never seen a more stylish pumpkin.

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October 10, 2022 — Matthew Fisler