Okay is it just us, or is white the trickiest color to pull off? As an adult there are all these weird rules about which calendar dates you can or can’t wear it, and for your toddler there’s always the question of, “how long before it gets ruined by ketchup stains?”

(hint: not long!)

sitting baby with beanie - white styled

No one gets this more than boy moms, for whom stains are about as regular an occurrence as breathing. If it sometimes feels like your little guy’s clothes might as well be single use, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone! Don’t get us wrong, we are all about keeping clothes out of landfills as long as possible, but sometimes our boys realllllly put our love of the planet to the test. 

So what about when it comes to the white beanie? It’s certainly not as stain-prone for a kid as, say, white jeans or a white tee. But we’ve also heard from some of you that the color can be tough to know how to style.

We’ve put together 3 different approaches to styling the white toddler beanie, inspired by our binky bro fam. We love nothing more than seeing how you’re styling our stuff, so please - keep those insta tags coming! 

1 - Simplify The Baby Shoot

2 - Top Off White Kicks

3 - Paired With A Toddler Graphic Tee

1: Simplify The Baby Shoot

baby with white beanie laying in bed

Can we have a moment of silence for all the newly postpartum moms trying to plan newborn photoshoots right now? You’re wearing diapers, barely sleeping, and haven’t brushed your hair in recent memory. And now you get to scour Instagram for the perfect photographer, then the internet for the picture-perfect outfit!

Can we offer a kind word of advice? Simplify it.

The truth is, your little one is precious and will look precious whether the outfit is the perfect shade of baby boy blue. 

 Instead, look at what you’ve got on hand. Try any neutral onesie, shirt + top combo, or swaddle, and add a white beanie.

baby with white beanie laying down

You’ll maintain that angelic newborn aesthetic, while also adding just the right amount of personality. After all, your newborn isn’t like the other newborns. It’s a COOL NEWBORN. And it’s got the hat to prove it.  

Bonus perk: Added warmth means a cozy baby, which means less crying and more coos. It’s a win, win. 

2: Top Off White Kicks

baby with white beanie sitting with styled fit

Few ‘fits exude as much swag as a little dude in white sneaks, are we right? Daniel taught us this years ago.

Whether you’re team Nike, Adidas, or Chuck Taylor, the right pair of white kicks can take your little guy’s style from A to OMG. 

Topping the look off with a white toddler beanie adds a sort of bookend effect – the eye is drawn to both parts of the outfit, making both stand out more than either would on its own. Plus it’s a super simple way to add some warmth in the winter and early spring months.

baby with tshirt and white beanie

This simple style tip will have strangers saying damnnnn, baby whenever you stroll by. 

3: Pair With A Graphic Tee

baby with white beanie and camo pants

When added to a full look, a stark white accessory can at times can look just that – too stark. Especially if there are other neutrals (think tans, browns, grays)  involved elsewhere in the look, white can almost clash. 

The solution? Pair your white toddler beanie with a graphic tee that uses white text.

Even when most of this outfit is brown/tan/neutral, the white beanie still works because of how it interacts with the text on his toddler t-shirt (the baby blue eyes certainly don’t hurt either!).

Here’s another example where the text itself isn’t white, but the look is white-based. The bright, graphic elements of the sweatshirt and socks make the white beanie pair perfectly.  

baby light fashion with beanie (white)

Bottom line: we’re always suckers for a clever graphic tee, and adding a white beanie can make its message stand out even more.

One Last Thing –

We can’t resist mentioning what we might love most about the white beanie – it’s EPICALLY GENDER NEUTRAL. 

baby girl with white beanie

Grab one for your little boss babe, or pass it down from gender to gender without any fuss.

baby girl with white beanie and hoodie

Still Unsure About the White Beanie?

We get it. Not every color is for everyone, and that’s why we offer lots of color ways each season. 

baby with beanie

If you’re looking for a neutral runner-up, we love Tan (a warm oatmeal), Gray (a classic) or even Mauve (a fashion-forward statement). 

We’re curious - which of these toddler beanie style approaches feels the most ‘you?’ Let us know in the comments! And as always, if you’re looking for more swoon-worthy style inspiration, come join us on Instagram.


February 15, 2022 — Matthew Fisler