No matter what holiday traditions you did or didn’t have growing up, this holiday season can be the year to implement some new, fun traditions for you and yours.

Remember! A tradition doesn’t have to happen every year, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Whatever effort you can muster will make all the difference in making the holiday season extra magical.

Here’s five simple holiday traditions to bring your family closer this holiday season.

newborn wearing binky bro beanie

1. Have a Christmas Tree Sleepover

A night or two before Christmas Eve, have a living-room sleepover by the Christmas tree. The twinkly Christmas lights make the perfect nightlight. Bring sleeping bags or mattresses near the tree, or make up beds on the couch for your littles. It can be a family affair, or just older kids. 

This magical tradition requires no extra energy from mom and dad—maybe just a lack of shut eye for one holiday night.

binky bro baby and cookie

2. Make Your Kids Santa’s Helpers

Make or buy treats to take to neighbors whether you already know them or not. Ask your kids to be Santa’s helpers and deliver the treats door to door.

You can bring younger kiddos with you, or for older kids, stand on the front porch and watch them deliver the goodies. Letting them do this alone under supervision is a great way to teach them manners, give them confidence, and instill the Christmas spirit of giving.

binky bro infant on Christmas

3. Go on a Christmas-Eve Night Walk

Get bundled up and throw on your Binky Bro beanie, put on headlamps, and bring your flashlights! Before all the little boys and girls head to bed, go on a Christmas-Eve night walk to look for signs of Santa in the sky. Everyone will love the fresh air and your kids will love admiring the neighbors' Christmas lights and looking at the stars in the winter sky.

Christmas baby wearing beanie

4. Organize an Indoor Snowball Fight on Christmas Morning

Let it snow! Use cotton balls or indoor snowballs to have an indoor snowball fight on Christmas morning after all the gifts are opened. (Indoor snowballs also make a great gift!) It can be a fun grand finale before Christmas mornings naps, meals, and finding all those darn batteries for new toys. Everyone from babies to grandma and grandpa can participate! Don't forget your Binky Bro snowsuit to stay warm!

Toddler wearing binky bro beanie

5.  Share Your “Star” of the Year on Christmas Day

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the past year. After all the excitement of Christmas morning, when things are slowing down, have each family member share their “star” of the year—something they are most proud of that they accomplished, or their highlight of the year. It’s a great way to share, wrap up the year, and transition from Christmas to New Year’s.

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December 19, 2023 — Matthew Fisler